Who We Are

Run Diesel was founded in Los Angeles in 2018 by Tom Bajoras, Michael Green, and Chris Mohr. All three had been working together on various music and storytelling projects. A series of late-night brainstorming sessions in 2016 led to the concept of Audio Drama Extreme, and soon thereafter Run Diesel was born. An intense two-year period of experimentation followed (the founders refer to their studio as an “R&D lab”), and in 2018 they decided they were ready to compile everything learned in their experiments to start producing the world’s first publically available ADX shows. Their vision is to grow Run Diesel into a studio that brings together writers, actors, and directors who want to explore this new way of telling stories.

Tom Bajoras

For as long as he can remember, Tom has been fascinated by sound. This led to becoming an accomplished audio engineer and composer. He also owns a software development company that has worked with Disney, Fox, NBC, Apple, and Google, and he is co-developer of an audio technology that earned an Academy Award. If visiting the Run Diesel studio, you’ll recognize Tom as the mad scientist in front of the computer monitors.

Michael Joel Green

Michael was a performing musician and actor until he found his calling as a writer. He is the author of Concealment 48, Natter, and the memoir, Arresting Grace. He is currently finishing two Audio Drama Extreme scripts and preparing to direct the production of them. During the rare occasion when he’s not writing or directing, he can be found at a baseball game, rooting for the St. Louis Cardinals.

John Christopher Mohr

Chris is an editor and attorney who has made a career over the past 21 years as a digital video editor and assistant editor working on television shows for Disney, Fox, HBO, The CW, MTV Networks, NBC/Universal and numerous other networks. He also works as a writer, sound designer, freelance attorney, and social justice outreach volunteer. In his downtime, he likes to read modern sci-fi and catch up on the latest episode of This Is Us.